Halloween Structures (October 2017)


Hama beads activity (February 2015)


 Our 3rd ESO students in Technology lessons enjoyed themselves creating colourful figures to decorate mobiles, key rings, or bags. 


1. Beads of your choice on to the pegboard dictated by your design plan.
2. When happy with the arrangement place the board on to an ironing board or covered flat surface.
3. Cover the bead arrangement with the Hama Ironing Paper (or baking paper), ensuring that all beads are covered.
4. With your iron set to “hot”, iron your creation carefully but firmly. Move the iron gently from side to side in a smooth slow movement until the beads begin to fuse. You should begin to see the beads through the ironing paper.
5. When you think the beads have all fused (holes should still be visible in the centres), carefully lift the corner of the Hama Ironing Paper. If any beads begin to lift then replace the paper and iron for a few more seconds.
6. Leave to cool on the board for a few seconds and then remove ironing paper.
7. Remove the Hama Bead Craft from the board. It is recommended that you now turn it over, replace the ironing paper and repeat the ironing process once more on the reverse side to give your creation more durability. Placing it under a heavy book or similar for a few minutes after this will help it to cool absolutely flat.
8. If the pattern is for a wall or card, or you wish to photograph it, iron on one side only for a more defined finish. Note, if the design is not reversible, you will need to create it in mirror image for the finished item to display correctly.


SAFETY CALENDARS  (December 2014)

At the end of the 1st term, 3rd ESO bilingual tech students took part in a contest about creating calendars whose topic was SAFETY at work!
These ones were the winners of the contest:



1ESO students prepared very creative projects with basic school material in their Technology lessons. They were displayed in the school library. There were prizes for the best ones:


-They winners were:

1ESO A: Víctor Noblejas Carreto
            Luis Miguel Salinas Hergueta
1ESO C: Sergio López Almansa


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