martes, 24 de noviembre de 2020

More Halloween activities

Not only in music, but also in physics and chemistry, tech and English, could our students enjoy this festivity in our school.

1ESO.  English students and Julia, their teacher, celebrated a Halloween Costume Contest!! Their costumes were awesome!!! Everybody liked them!! ..and they were very scaaaaary!!!!!!


2ESO. Ph & Ch.
They were practising scary problems, too!!

Halloween 2020

 Dear students,

On the 30th October, we celebrated Halloween in our school! 

Thanks to the Music Teacher, Pilar, our 1st ESO students carried out activities related to the festivity. 

Pay attention to the videos, and you'll find out about the activities:

Students enjoyed a lot!!! Thanks

martes, 17 de noviembre de 2020

Halloween prizes 2019 on Halloween day at school

 Unfortunately, our students couldn't ´t receive their prizes last year on the cultural day at school due to Covid-19. So, we decided to celebrate it on the 30th October, our current Halloween Day. They were vey happy and excited with their awards.


Mara, Alba y Paula: 2º B
1st Prize: Halloween broomstick

Lucía and Miriam: 2º A 
1st Prize: Halloween Pumpkin

Alvaro, Sergio, Lucía, Héctor, Nerea and Inés
2nd Prize Halloween Pumpkin

martes, 13 de octubre de 2020

Welcome back - 2020 -2021 Big Dot of Happiness Welcome Back - Outdoor Lawn Sign - We  Missed You Yard Sign - 1 Piece: Health & Personal Care     Hi everybody,

We started school a month ago and we are happy to return after a long period off!

So, we hope we can go on face to face lessons and enjoy our time at school, despite all prevention measures.

jueves, 18 de junio de 2020

End- of the year Videos -3AB

Hi everyone,

Today we want to show you some videos our 3rd ESO students have prepared during these "consolidation days" in June. They are Olena and Ángel, a review of a film and a song respectively.

Thanks a lot! They are great!

jueves, 4 de junio de 2020

Sam ´s saying good-bye - Escape rooms Games

Hi everybody,

Sam ´s leaving...yes... This is his last week with us! We have to thank him for all his friendship and great help in our face-to-face lessons and of course, online lessons!

We ´re going to miss you, and it´s really a pity to finish this way...!

We wish you the best in your career as a teacher. You are an excellent one! Good luck in the future and if you desire to come back... the school doors are open!

Thanks again. We´ll miss you!

He ´s saying good- bye with some online escape rooms. Try them (you can do them individually, in pairs or groups) and please, leave a comment for him to say you get to finish them and your opinions ...

   You´re welcome!!


lunes, 11 de mayo de 2020

Going green, by Sam

Dear students,

Sam is here again, helping with our everyday English. This time the topic is Going Green, so please, have a look at the following presentation:

If you need help, you can also have the whole presentation transcript clicking on the following link:

When you finish, you can leave your comments to Sam, your opinion about it and your quiz results!!!


*Remember: You have to click on Iniciar Presentación. ;-)