lunes, 22 de abril de 2019

Escape room - Students saved our school from the terrible virus!!!!

No doubt, the greatest activity that day was the so desired ESCAPE ROOM!!!!

Thanks to all students who saved the school from the virus and to all bilingual, English and French teachers who helped the teachers, Joaquín and Laura to prepare this extraordinary experience!!

Here you can see some pictures:

Ext. curricular activity Day!!!- a great success

Hi again friends,

Back from Easter holidays, we'll show you some pictures about our funny and great day, the 11th April.

Easter eggs Workshop

All material ready!!!

Our lovely students

The awesome decorated eggs

Thanks to all students that took part in it!!

miércoles, 3 de abril de 2019

11th APRIL - Extracurricular activity Day at school

Dear students,

We encourage you to take part in the following activities that the English department teachers are preparing for this amazing day!

Apart from these, there is a new activity to enjoy yourselves as much as possible:


This is an activity organized by Joaquín the Maths teacher, Laura the BIO teacher together with DNL teachers from school.

LET¨S GO and enjoy this day!!!!!!

Ayudas para un curso intensivo de inmersión lingüística en inglés - Bachillerato, Grado Medio FP

These grants are for older students (Bachillerato and Vocational Studies, among others).

If you are interested, press the following link:

Deadline: 10th APRIL 

Resultado de imagen de don't miss the opportunity clipart

viernes, 15 de marzo de 2019

Ph & Ch: Vinegar experiment

Dear friends,

3rd ESO students experimented with vinegar in Physics and Chemistry subject. See what happens in the following link:

Resultado de imagen de vinegar and egg experiments clipart

Well done!!!!!

More students wanted to experiment with the "bouncing egg". Have a look at their videos on the following links:

Thanks to all of you! :-)

lunes, 28 de enero de 2019

New activity for 1ESO: Penpals

Resultado de imagen de turkey and spain

Dear friends,

We've started this new year with a new international activity: Turkish penpals 

     What ´s a penpal?                       
              Resultado de imagen de turkish penpals clipart

And that's it!! Some 1st ESO students have a new friend in Turkey. They'll be exchanging letters in English about their culture, country, traditions....till June!!!

We´ll tell you about it!!