Good bye. June 2018

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Xmas Floral Centrepieces. December 2017.

1ESO students created their own flora centrepieces for Christmas. They are amazing!!


Analising and identifying ROCKS in 1ESO - December 2016

1ESO students had an interesting lesson in the Biology laboratory where they learned a lot about rocks. Here, you can see the pictures:







Halloween - October 2016

1ESO and 2ESO students carved their own pumpkins and decorated them in Biology! They were awesome! Have a look at them! 

Press here ----------->Pumpkin pictures

More pictures about the 1st ESO projects in the 2nd term

Here you can find more photos about the projects:

1st ESO

Congratulations!!!! : ) 

2nd ESO PROJECTS March 2015

Our 2nd ESO students made a volcano experiment in science using:
     - sand
     - a plastic cup
     - soda bicarbonate
     - vinegar
     - red dye

They recorded them ...and this is the result!
 Video 1
 Video 2


Our 1ESO students created excellent "spooky" Science projects in their lessons related to Halloween. They were shown in the school library and everybody could enjoy them!!!

If you want to enjoy the whole presentation press the following link:

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