Our Linguistic Programme (kwon as European section in the past) started in our high school in 2008 with 1st ESO students. The first subjects in English were P.E., Science and Maths.

Nowadays, there are 5 subjects taught in English in all years of ESO:

1ESO: P.E, Music, Maths.

2ESO: P.E, Physics and Chemistry, Maths.
3ESO: P.E,MathsPhysics and Chemistry, Technology.
4ESO: P.E, Computer Technology (ICT).

The current teachers in the different subjects are:

1ESO P.EJose Leopoldo González Castellanos
1ESO MusicMª Pilar Ferrer Navarro
1ESO MathsJesús Perea Martínez

2 ESO P.EJose Leopoldo González Castellanos
2 ESO Physics and ChemistryAntonio Leal Inglada
2 ESO MathsJesús Perea Martínez

3 ESO P.EJose Leopoldo González Castellanos
3 ESO MathsRoberto Llorente Mata
3 ESO Physics and ChemistryAntonio Leal Inglada and Miguel Ángel Pérez Gutiérrez
3 ESO TechnologySara Serna Jiménez and Francisco Romero Caballero

4 ESO P.EJose Leopoldo González Castellanos
4 ESO Computer Technology (ICT): Sara Serna Jiménez and Francisco Romero Caballero

When we teach English through the different subjects we take the Common European Framework as a reference, in which students read, listen, write and speak in English everyday in every subject.

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